Newborn Photography

One of my favourites!

Because newborns grow and change so quickly, these portraits are a must for everyone! Newborn portraits are taken 5 to 14 days
following birth. Although this precious window is short, it is worth the time and the investment.

Newborn sessions can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours because the entire session is focused on the newborn’s schedule and mom’s comfort. We strive to make this portrait session completely fun, stress-free, and relaxing.  The studio is warmed to perfection for the little one, and we have a variety of stations prepared for the portraits ahead of time. The stations offer a variety of colours, backdrops, and props to ensure that your portraits are unique and extraordinary in every way.

Engagement Photos

Love is in the air!
Engagement photos are exciting, and capturing these moments are equally fun! To celebrate Kyle and Shelby’s engagement, we decided to use one of the piers at Baptiste Lake. Thankfully, it was a quiet evening. There was no one at the pier, and the lake was quiet (which doesn’t seem to happen too often at Baptiste!). The evening sun was perfect as it settled into the horizon to create the beautiful silhouette and the soft and romantic lighting that followed. The romantic images were truly a reflection of this couples love. And their joy was so evident. My favourite picture is the one where Kyle and Shelby are facing the sun (bottom), and Kyle’s smile tells it all!

Animal Portraits

Meet Pepper and Grits

Animal Portraits are so much fun! I recently had the pleasure of photographing these two amazing German
Shepherd pups! The excitement in their eyes, and their attention to ‘treats’ was fascinating.

And of course, the photoshoot would not be complete without a few pictures of each dog catching a treat in
the air. Can you spot the treat in Pepper’s mouth (bottom left)?

Children’s Portraits

When it comes to children’s portraits, the sky is the limit. Children are flexible and creative.
When you include them in the creative process, the result is always amazing!

Senior Year Portraits

The Senior Year is an important year for most of us. Wrapping up exams to graduate, and considering who you are and where you want to be in the future, are huge considerations. The world is before you, and the school years are soon to be a memory. Senior Year Portraits are the perfect way to document these important years. Every time Sarah opens her presentation box to view her portraits, or displays one on the shelf, she will be reminded of her senior year – the fun, the joy and the laughter, the funny moments and the sad moments, and all of the dreams, hopes, emotions, and challenges that combine to make this year unique and memorable.

Since one of Sarah’s dreams is to become a writer someday, we started the photo session with an old typewriter, a pen for notes, and an old camera. The look on Sarah’s face is forth telling. Pondering what to write, I love how she portrayed a glimpse of the typical ‘writer’s block’.

After pondering what to write, we played with some low-key shots to capture some moody and intentional portraits. From here, we moved from the studio to a few locations in town to capture some vintage backgrounds.
The next photo shoot was Sarah’s Graduation. The weather was perfect, and Sarah looked absolutely stunning in
her gown! Congratulations Sarah! May all of your dreams come true and even more so!

Just updating the website. More portraits coming soon (wedding, family, children, and corporate)!

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