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When you order a gallery image, the digital file is included for no additional fee. All other digital files are available for purchase at 1 for $35, 5 for $150, or 10 for 250. There are three digital files for each digital image purchased. One file is for the web, one is for print, and the third file is a png file. PNG files are lossless files, so they will not deteriorate over time like JPG’s. That way, you can be sure that your digital files will still be usable many years from now.


  1. Select your favourite images.
  2. Choose the type of print as well as the size. When selecting sizes for the wall, choose a size that corresponds with the size of the wall. If the wall is large, choose a larger image size. Likewise, if the area is small, choose an image size that will compliment the small space.
  3. Write down the image number (i.e.: IMG_4989) and include:
    1. The size of the print,
    2. The quantity,
    3. The type of print (i.e.: canvas, metal),
    4. And any special editing requests.
  4. Aside from high quality canvas, metal, or acrylic, you can choose a variety of paper types to enhance the appearance of your printed image. There are several different types and/or finishes of paper such as metallic, canvas, linen, glossy, crystal, etc. that are available. Keep in mind that these are paper types and not the actual material. For example, the canvas paper is designed to look like canvas; it is not real canvas. Nonetheless, they are very impressive! If you would like to look through the types of paper that are available, contact me at (780) 914-2158 to set up an appointment to meet.
  5. When you have finalized your order, the images will be professionally edited and sent to you for a final preview before being sent to the lab.
  6. Once the prints are ordered, they can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the type of prints.
  7. Waiting for your prints to arrive is the perfect time to decide where to hang your gallery images. Always select areas that are away from direct sunlight or high moisture.
  8. And the last step is to enjoy your prints for many years!
Much thanks!